Thursday, March 31, 2016

Cousin Fun

The fun, the craziness, the pure joy of having hours of uninterrupted fun with cousins! This year the stars aligned and all of the cousins had Spring Break at the same time. Our three were thrilled, as usual, to spend a few days with Ben, Harrison, and Lauren. They thought it was even more special that their older cousin Ali was able to come spend some time with all the littles!
It's pretty clear that the boys and the girls have different ideas of "fun."

And who really doesn't love a big 'ol family trip to the movies. By the way, Zootopia is pretty great and you should check it out.
Probably the best part of everything was just the weird, random fun that was had by all. Many thanks to Darrel and Beth for so graciously hosting so much energy at your place!


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