Friday, March 25, 2016

Field Day 2016

Aidan loves school. He loves to be with friends, learn new things, and be on his own. But of all the things he loves about school, field day is his absolute favorite. This year, he was pretty excited that mom, dad, brother, and sister got to come watch the glorious events.

He was ready for event #1: soccer! It was a pretty simple event, but he had a blast showing off his skills.
As always, it takes Aidan about 2 minutes to make friends anywhere he goes, so after being at Fern Bluff for a few months now, he's got some pretty good buddies that he loves hanging out with.
The potato sack race was new for Aidan, and his lack of experience showed. But, he never quit!

Then there was that terrible three legged race. If only this pic had been taken a fraction of a second later, we could have had a great face plant shot that would have made excellent graduation fodder.

The tug of war was one of his favorite stations. The contest started out with just the kids, but inevitably, certain dads found their way into the competition.

The water balloon toss was great fun. The best part was when the folks working the event snuck a couple of balloons to Noah and Ryla and sent them sneaking into the crowd of students to soak some unsuspecting first graders.

The younger two didn't get to participate much, but they had no problem finding plenty of ways to occupy their time.


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