Thursday, March 31, 2016

Spring Break with Nana and Papa

Time with cousins was only a small part of our Spring Break trip. They had so much fun spending time with Nana and Papa. It's no surprise that when we showed up, Nana was ready and waiting with ample crafts and games.
And Papa was ready to rock and roll with a trip to the Junior College National Championship across the street from their house. Aidan thought this was so much fun...he especially enjoyed the cheerleaders.
While the other two were having a blast, Noah managed to find a way to get himself hurt. I know, it's really hard to believe, but it's true.
It was serious enough that Papa called in some favors and had a nurse friend come over and give it a look. Good news, all was well- just a bump on the head and a little blood that ended with Noah falling asleep while mama rocked our big baby to sleep.

We also had a wonderful trip to the zoo. Aidan's favorite part was getting to see the tigers- they're his absolute favorite animal. And the other two just couldn't get over the giraffe that ate out of their hands!

It truly was a typical Kansas Spring. One day we were having popcicles on the porch, and the next we were catching snowflakes in the front yard!

And we found some new things- Ryla turns out to be quite the lego master, completing her first build in no time, and Papa introduced our munchkins to the most wonderful game of all... spoons!


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