Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ryla's Birth Story

My little girl is a week old today and I thought I should type out the birth story before I start forgetting the details. My parents got here on a Saturday and I was having some contractions but nothing consistent. We enjoyed visiting with them without all the chaos of a new baby for a few days and it gave them some good one on one time with Aidan. Saturday night my leg was popping out of place a lot and I was starting to fall more and more. My regular doctor was out of town so we called the on call doctor who told me he wanted to admit me to the hospital for pain management. Since I was 39/40 weeks along, Cliff and I were hoping that they would just induce me while I was there. But once we got there, the nurse said she had orders to admit me until Monday morning so that they could wait for my regular doctor to give orders to induce. Cliff and I were a little annoyed because I did not want to be in the hospital that long when I could be way more comfortable at home. We were able to convince the on call doctor to give me meds that I could administer myself for the pain and to let me go home.

We had an appointment on Monday afternoon with my regular doctor (which I was very thankful for) However, I woke up that morning with signs that I had gone into labor so he had me come into the office early to check me. He said that even though I had started the labor process it still might be awhile. I batted my eyes and ask for an induction. He told me that was fine and that we could do it Thursday. I told him my parents were leaving that day and he was VERY nice and moved it to Tuesday morning. Cliff and I spent the rest of the day getting packed and hanging out with my parents.

We checked in the next morning at 7:00 a.m. They started me on Pitocin at 7:45. I was dialated to a 2 at this time. My doctor came in and broke my water at 8:30. I started really feeling the contractions around 9:30. At 10:15 I asked the nurse to check me to see if I could have something for the pain. I was only a 2 still but she gave me some drug to help "take the edge off." It did nothing for me. After 30 minutes the contractions only got worse. We paged the nurse again and she said I had jumped up to a 4 and that I could have an epideral if I wanted. She got my doctors permission and went to get the anastesiologist (have no idea how to spell that). At this time I was still able to relax myself quite a bit. Cliff even asked me if I was awake one time. I had to put myself in such a relaxed state of mind because I was about to loose it but was noticing that the more relaxed I tried to make my muscles the less it would hurt. About 5 minutes after the nurse checked me the contractions were out of control and I started to feel a lot of pressure. The nurse came back in and told me the epiderall guy was on his way. I told her he needed to hurry because I felt pressure. She told me not to worry that we had plenty of time because I was only a 4. I told her to check again. She said "oh my goodness you are an 8." She paiged everyone immediately to get ready for the delivery. They just caught my doctor before he went for lunch.

At this time I told the nurse that I needed to start pushing immediately. She told me to hold on for the epiderall. He came in very casual and started small talking with me. Lets just say I was not in the mood. I asked him as nicely as I could if we could chat later and hurry it up a bit. The epiderall was not fun this time around. I was dialated to a 10 by now and he knicked a nerve that went down my right leg. That hurt really bad. My doctor got there just as I had the epideral and checked me and said it was time to push. I tried to push once but the epiderall had not kicked in at all and it hurt so bad that I didn't have the energy to push during the contractions. The nurse said I could wait but it would be another 15 minutes until the medicine kicked in. I tried to think this though but my doctor came over and i told him to not touch me. Obviously i was very incoherent at this time....At least all he did was laugh. So i decided that this baby was going to come out more or less without meds.

Thankfully.....One push...She crowned.....Second push.....Her Head....Third push.....SHE WAS HERE. 4 Hours of labor and I had my baby girl. I probably could have skipped the epideral but it was nice to have the meds for the repair and to be able to hold her and bond with her without being in pain.

We were released from the hospital in less than 24 hours and the nurses were very surprised we wanted to leave already but it was my parents last day, since they were leaving at 5 a.m. the next morning. We were home by lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon launching with our new precious one and my parents were able to get some good one on one time with her before they left.

There it is....a little graphic maybe but I look at my blog as a personal journal for myself to.


The Nill Family said...

Wonderful! I don't think its graphic at all. I am so glad everything went well...thank heaven for quick labor. None of this 32+ hours=) Congrats again Laura Beth and Cliff (and Aidan). Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Anonymous said...

been waiting for this 'birth story'... wondered how it all transpired!! can't wait to see her scrapbook... :) :) :)

Rebecca Culver-Turner said...

What a strong and courageous woman you are! Congrats Laura : )

Ryla said...

Yeah!! I am glad that it was quick for you, wish you could have had time to let the meds kick in, but glad it was quick!! So glad your parents got to spend some time with her and that they were able to be there with Aidan too!!