Monday, November 22, 2010

New Born Shots

Cliff and I bought a nice Canon camera about a month ago in hopes that I could learn to work with it so that we wouldn't have to keep paying for a photographer. I took these Saturday when Ryla was 4 days old. I think they came out descent. Although I like the coloring of the pink flower I think I am going to choose the one with the white flower for her birth announcement which is in the process of being ordered. I might try to take some more while she is sleeping but she pooped ALL over my bedding so it will require some energy and patience on my part. It was pretty funny though. LOL


Holly Packer said...

Very cute LB!! You did a great job!! I feel like I can take some decent pictures but my only problem is that I never get to be in any of them if I don't have a professional take some of us to. So with Maddox I had a professional take pics 3 times so far. Newborn pics, last years x-mas pics and then just this past september we had family pics done again!! So I would encourage you to have professional pics done at least a couple of times so that you can have some sweet memories of your whole family together :D.

The Nill Family said...

very nice! you inspired me to get out my 35mm and do our Christmas card on my own...we have to photographers in my family, but I think I can do it=) She is so cute!!!