Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat

Cliff and I decided to take Aidan trick or treating this year. We weren't quite sure if he was old enough but we decided to give it a try. Because he is so little we wanted to make sure we took him to a place that was safe and that wouldn't scare him. We decided to go with our good friends Natalie and Lucas and their two girls. They are in the airforce and live on base. This ended up being the PERFECT place to take Aidan. He loves his two friends Charlie and Norah so he really enjoyed being with them. Also being on the base taking him around was so much fun. Everyone participates there. Every single house had their lights on and were eager to give out candy to the kids. They airforce also put safety people at about every other block. Finally, they had people from the firestation come out with their trucks and lights and had a little show for the kiddos. Aidan did great. He picked up trick or treating right away and went for about an hour. He was very good with his please and "dank you." Cliff caught one on camera.

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