Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Playing Catch Up

This week has been pretty hectic so instead of several short blog entries I will play catch up with a long one. First off....I don't think I mentioned that I started nannying again a couple of weeks ago. It is just Wednesday thru Friday. I didn't know how I or the kids would do going back (it's the same family), but we have been loving it. Aidan is playing so well with Jack and both kids have been sleeping well over there for nap time which was something I was worried about. I am there 8:30 to 3:30. Cliff changed his hours and now goes in at 8 instead of 9 so that he is home by 4 right when I get home which has been AMAZING! He takes the kids for an hour and I am able to cook supper and still have it ready by 5:30. This will go until the first week of summer. I still am seeing clients on Mondays, which is Cliff's day off, and have Tuesdays at home with just me and the kids.

Here are a couple of pics I took of the kiddos over at the VanVoorhis's house.

The weekend went well. We got a baby swing for Ryla and she has been loving it. We always just put her on a blanket in the backyard so it has bee fun to have a special spot for her. She loves it. One afternoon she she had me push her for 40 minutes. Lots of fun.

On Friday night, I had some of the girls from the youth group over for a sleepover. It was so much fun. We ordered pizza, I made sushi, we watched Ever After and had them take a spiritual assessment inventory that helped them learn more about what their spiritual gift is. Cliff made french toast, eggs, and bacon for us the next morning....YUM.

I also was able to make a lot more recipes this past weekend. Ryla has become obsessed with a mixed berries recipe. It has raspberries, blueberries, bananas, and her rice cereal in it. I was surprised to see a recipe for a 4-7 month old that has berries in it but she has had no allergies yet.

We gave Aidan a bath on Sunday and I gave him a window marker to play with in the tub.....Lesson learned.....Window markers are not the same as bath marker and they stain your white grout blue.

Yesterday I gave Cliff the first of his father's day presents. He had the day off so I packed the kiddos up and went to my friend Natalie's for the day. He had the whole day to himself to do whatever he wanted. Of course Cliff chose to be productive and clean and organize the garage, but if it is what he wanted to do with his time than that's great. We had fun at Lucas and Natalie's to. They live on base so we took a little walk to show Aidan the airplanes. He loved it!

Finally, a baby update. Everything has been a little crazy with this third baby. Since I was on birth control my body was not prepared to carry a baby due to the pill I was on. I have done 4 blood labs now and my doctor has seen that the baby is doing well but my progesterone levels are low. My doctor says that he needs to get these levels up or I am at risk of a miscarriage. So I am on progesterone pills since last Wednesday. I just got a call from him and he said that all my levels now look fine and he wants to see Cliff and I for our sonogram appointment tomorrow. This means we will finally have a due date and God willing a healthy baby. I will let you know how the sonogram goes tomorrow.
On another note....I have had the typical all day sickness that I usually have with pregnancies but it just seems harder now that I have two kids. The progesterone pills are also making me sick. The side affects are nausesness and drowsiness....LOL. I only have to be on it until I am 11 weeks along......So hopefully that will go by fast.

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Ryla said...

You guys have been busy, but then again it seems like you always are! :) But so many fun things! I am glad that nannying is going well and the kids play well together and sleep well!! We will be praying for baby #3 I know God has big plans for this special surprise!! I love you and miss you!