Monday, June 20, 2011


We headed to Montana yesterday for our summer vacation. Cliff's parents rented a house for the week. It was a four hour beautiful drive and the kiddos did great. Cliff's parents and sister had to drive 20 not as fun for them. We are loving it so far. Very relaxing. It is pretty cold right now but it is supposed to warm up which will be nice because there is a pool for the kids. We are going to a train depot today which I'm sure Aidan will love. Later this week we are heading to the lake and Glacier National Park. Lots of pics to come but for now I will just post pics of the house.

Main Living Area

Master Bed and Bath

Basement with a guest room and bath.

Cliff and I's room next to the kids.

Kiddos Room

Bonus Room area above the Garage


davisclan said...

This is so beautiful! My parents rented a house like that for Christmas this year in Montana and we're all so excited too!
Looks so beautiful and i'm sure you're all having fun. I hope you're feeling well :)

Ryla said...

WOW looks like it is going to be a great vacation!! I hope that you are able to rest a lot too. I have to say I am way jealous, I can not wait to actually go on vacation again some time. We are always so busy with camp that we never take the time to have a vacation! Enjoy!!

s&sjohnson08 said...

Yeah Montana!! You guys are going to have so much fun in Glacier!