Saturday, June 4, 2011

How we spent our Saturday..

5:00 A.M. Wake up call from our darling daughter.
5:01 A.M. Crawled back into bed and fed Ryla
5:05 A.M. Tried to fall back asleep but Ryla's coos keep me up.
5:45 A.M. Put Desperate Housewives on in the living room
6:00 A.M. Aidan begins to sing from his bed (apparently his 7:00 wake up time is not happening today)
6:01 Wake up daddy.
7:00 ish Aidan pretends to be a Lion

8:45 Everyone showered and out the door for Starbucks and the Farmers Market
9:30 Arrive at the Farmers Market after getting lost twice.
9:37 Aidan picks out his fruits for the week. (cherries, blueberries, and raspberries)

10:15 Head home and put little girl down for her nap
10:30-12:00 Play outside on "My Park" and marvel at my Farmer's Market goods...

12:00- Nap time for Aidan
12:00- 2:00 Laundry for me...Yardwork for Daddy
1:30 Ryla up
2:00 Aidan wakes up screaming uncontrollably
2:01 Call Cliff for reinforcement
2:05 Realize that Aidan had a nightmare and believes there are "SCARIES" under his bed
2:13 Daddy says he is going in Aidan's room to kill the "scaries". Aidan screams because he doesn't want his Daddy to die.
2:15 Crying has finally stopped because Cliff has gotten his BB gun and killed the "scaries" under the bed.
2:20 Aidan help Dad mow the lawn and Ryla and I go on our 2 mile walk.
3:00 Aidan plays with his new sprinkler toy.

3:30 Daddy/Daughter time
5:00 Ryla takes second nap/dinner/Thomas the Train/Make Grocery List
6:30 Feed Ryla, Cliff takes Aidan to the store to get groceries.
7:00 Ryla down for the night.
7:40 Cliff and AIdan back with groceries.
8:00 Trying to get Aidan off of "His Park" so he can go to bed.
8:03 Aidan falls off swing

8:03 and 30 seconds Aidan is fine and playing with Luther

8:05 Check on baby girl

8:10 Aidan reading a Bible story and says his prayers for bed

8:45 P.M. Cliff makes us coffee drinks and we get a couple hours to ourselves before resting up for "Graduation Sunday" which Cliff has to preach for.


davisclan said...

Phew. I"m tired just reading that! I think i'll stick with 2 kids, ages 5 and 3...and encourage you to keep doing such good work, Mama! It's exhausting, but it gets better...meaning, you'll get more time to breathe later!!

H said...

I love day in the life post!! sounds good and tiring!

Beth said...

Love it! So did you see those Asparagus at the Farmer's Market? Were they on steroids?