Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pinterest DIY #1

After hours spent on Pinterst.....I finally had time in the last couple of days to make some projects that I had saved in my idea boards. I started with some simple ones. I am pretty happy with how the projects turned out. They bring some color into the rooms and they are also practical. My next project I think is going to take several weeks but hopefully will turn out.
The first DIY is 3 cake pans glued together by candle sticks. I found the cake pans and candle sticks at a thrift store for $9 and spray painted the candled sticks.
The second DIY is a plain white frame I found at Michaels. I scrapbooked a menu board and can write on the glass with a dry erase marker. I originally put magnets on the back for my fridge but later noticed my fridge has a curve to the door so that didn't work. Buy my second options is fine to.


Ryla said...

These are so cute!! i will be excited to see what you have planned next!

The Nill Family said...

Love these, Laura!! So fun!!!

H said...

love it