Thursday, March 15, 2012

Turning 30!

I turned 30 last Saturday. I have a lot of friends who were realllly dreading this age but I actually could not wait. When I look at my life I feel like I should be in my thirties. Don't get me wrong.....I enjoyed my twenties but I am just very excited about what my thirties will have to hold. For my birthday Cliff found a babysitter for Aidan and Ryla for the entire day and he stayed home with Noah so that I could have the day off from responsibility. I had some friends come over and we pigged out on junk food, watched TV and did a 1000 piece puzzle. ( I know I'm a nerd) It was the perfect day. Later in the evening Cliff had a larger group of friends join us and we enjoyed an fun kid free get together at the house.

If I could choose two words to describe what my life was like when I turned thirty it would be UTTER EXHAUSTION. I have never been so tired in my entire life. However, I will say that I if I am going to be this exhausted, I wouldn't want it to be for any other reason than taking care of my family. I am sure that just in about 6 months or so it will be totally different, but for right now utter exhaustion is what I will remember. I say a prayer every morning after Cliff leaves that I will make it through the day while being patient and an encouragement to my children. I try very hard to not look at nap time as the highlight of my day. My kiddos need me for everything right now so I make it through by telling myself that when I turn 40....they will most likely be beginning the life stage of not wanting me around so I need to take advantage of every opportunity.

When I was younger I never thought about what I wanted my life to look at by the age of 30 but I do feel like that there is not a whole lot I would change. I found a husband who treats me way better than I deserve. He makes me want to be a better Christian woman, wife and mother with every passing day. I know it is a cliche saying but I really don't know what i would do without him. I have 3 amazing healthy children who each make me laugh in their own unique ways. (On a side note I also like that I had them before I turned 30). I am thankful for my education. I enjoy my part part time job and love that I have a career that I feel is pleasing to our Lord. I am thankful that I am able to stay at home and not have to pay someone to raise my children as so many moms are forced to do. I am thankful to be a homeowner and to live in such a beautiful place like Washington.

This turned into a very cheesy post but as my blog is also my personal journal, I wanted to remember what I was feeling when I turned 30.

Here is a pic of how I feel on a day to day basis right now. I don't remember when this was taken but it had to have been a descent day as I see I am dressed. No makeup however. Finding time to put on make up has now become a luxury.


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