Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013 in a nutshell

Ryla had fun decorating gingerbread houses with our teens at the Huddle Retreat.  She is just a little bit cute!

First Christmas in our new house and first time to ever hang Christmas lights outside!

Picture with Santa at the kids' preschool program.

Aidan just finished watching "The Santa Clause" and is pretending to be Tim Allen when he heard Santa on the roof.  If you remember that scene, he was in his underwear, coats, and boots!

Headed to our Christmas Eve service!

Trying to get all of them to pose nicely in front of the tree was not working.

All done......time for bed.

What a beautiful moment coming out of our room to the sound of excited voices and catching this pic.

He got a broom set....Now maybe he will stop trying to take my broom when I clean.

He got Yo Gabba Gabba stuff from Grandma.  As you can tell he was more than excited.

Aidan is all about Power Rangers right now!!!!

Christmas tradition of glass Cokes with our dinner.  Noah wanted one this year and loved it.


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Ryla said...

That is so great that Aidan dressed up like Tim Allen...but I really like Noah in the pick tutu in the back ground!!