Friday, December 20, 2013

Trip to the Dentist

All three of my kids had their first trip to the dentist today.  They did great.  Noah didn't like the exam part but it was over quickly.  Aidan had X-rays and a cleaning and he thought he was pretty cool stuff.  We read the Bernstein Bear book the night before to help prep so Aidan decided to explain to the dentist all the tools that were on her tray.  So cute!  This place had the hook up for kids to including video games while they waited.  No one had cavities and we were told they were doing great.  They left with prizes and stating that "The dentist is awesome, when can we go back?"  I would call that a SUCCESS!



Dentist in Westover said...

A trip to the dentist is most helpful to care your teeth and make your teeth strong as well as healthy.

Ryla said...

Judson loves the dentist too! He loves that he gets to watch TV while he sits there AND gets a prize! :) Glad it went so well for all 3!!

Sabrina Rhodes said...

It’s amazing to see that the three adorable kids you have all look like they’ve been to the theme park, when most kids dread going to the local dentist. It just goes to show how preparation and proper modeling from parents can prevent unpleasant expectations in children before going to the dentist, as well as the chaotic experiences after the visit. Kudos to you, your parenting, and God bless your family!

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