Sunday, December 5, 2010

Anniversary/Christmas Present

Cliff and I went shopping last night for a new dining room table. I love my current table. It is my great grandmothers. I got the chairs from various garage sales 6 years ago but the chairs were starting to get very uncomfortable and squeeking a lot. The table also did not fit the space we have because it is so big and bulky and only fit 4 comfortably. This new one we found is square with a leaf for when we move to a bigger house someday. It fits a lot nicer in our space while also sitting 6 people. I was pretty excited. It was a very nice anniversary and Christmas present for Cliff and I.


Kevin Claypool said...

What are you doing with the old one??? I love that table.

Laura Beth and Cliff said...

It will go back into the family.....I have been told by numerous family member that I am not to give it away. I honestly don't even know how I got it in the first place.

Ryla said...

You got the table becaues you are the girl!! You batted those eye lashes and got the table! :) Just kidding, you were smart enough to ask for it first! I loved your old table too, but this one looks great and will be so nice to have and fit more people!! Yay for you guys!!