Monday, December 20, 2010


I'm bound and determined to not fall behind on my scrapbooking with Ryla. For her scrapbook I think I decided that I am going to do 2 pages for every month in her first year. I also need to start on our family scrapbooks. I'm about 4 years behind!!!!!! Hopefully I can do that soon. Here is the first page that will be in Ryla's book that I worked on yesterday.


Anonymous said...

I should start my boys using your method! 2 pages per month of age! hmmm... lets see... Aug 1982 would be the start...HAHAHA great idea... surely I could do two pages a 'month' for the first year of both of their lives!! :)
Love your page... so cute!


Ryla said...

It is so cute and i am sure that her book will be awesome. From what you have shared of Aidans his is, so i know you will make hers that way too! And you have a great scrapping area now, so that should help!