Thursday, December 23, 2010

2 Questions

So since Ryla was born I have noticed that I get asked the same two questions over and over again. It doesn't bother me....I was just surprised it was always the same two questions. So I thought I would answer them in my blog......

Question #1
How is big brother doing with his new baby sister?
Aidan has transitioned beautifully. in fact, I could almost say that a majority of the time he doesn't even realize she is around. This could be the simple fact that she is still in her newborn stage and sleeps constantly (except at When she is awake he likes to hold her and help me when she's crying. For example, if I am helping him out in some way and she starts to cry, he will tell me to put him down and will go stand by her and point and say "Baby" over and over again until I go and pick her up. He will also bring her her binky and put baby toys around her. So far we have not had any signs of that has been very nice.

Question #2
How has it been being the mother of a toddler and a newborn?
Aidan turns 2 next week which makes he and Ryla 22 and a half months apart. I will say that it is pretty much what I expected but it has been a rough transition. The hardest part for me has been my bonding time with Ryla. When you have your first baby, you can devote as much time (typically) as that baby needs. When they are sleeping you can spend your time however you want. Which for me this meant rocking in the rocker in the nursery or popping in a movie and baby gazing. Basically 100 percent attention can be given to the baby if that is what you desire and with Aidan that is what I did. With is completely different. All of her basic needs are always met pretty much right away but I have not been able to bond with her as much as I would want. When Aidan is down for his afternoon nap that is pretty much the only time I have to get supper started, start the laundry, do some casenotes or prepare for a client, or clean up around the house. There have been a few days where I have just let this go and it turns to bite me in the butt later when we are out of clean diapers or having people over for dinner (which we do a lot especially since Cliff is a minister.) Typically I get the most time in with her after Aidan goes down to bed at night which would be from 9-11. There are also craft times and movie day where I take advantage of some one on one time with her but a 2 year olds needs are about as time consuming, if not more, than a newborn. I know it will get better with time but I am missing just all the snuggle time that I had with Aidan. I'm sure a lot of people would say it would have been better if we had them farther apart in age but I for one am 100 percent happy with our decision at having them closer together. I really wouldn't change anything...I think it is something that most parents go through when they have their second child??????

Being a mommy of two has been so rewarding and challenging. I am enjoying the challenge on most days. It has strengthened my relationship with God so much. It has helped me strive for more patience, selflessness, and gentleness. Some things I have always needed to work on. I will continue to pray that God will help me strive for these three things as I raise my little ones.

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Ryla said...

I am sure that it is such a change! But you are a great mom and I am sure that you are working it all out!! And hopfully it will get easier as Ryla is in more of a rountine and the more Aidan becomes independant.