Saturday, January 31, 2009

One Month Old!!

I can't believe that my baby is one month old today. It hardly seems possible. The month has really flown by. Cliff and I have loved every single second. Each day brings something new and we feel so blessed. We know that there will be many more great memories ahead of us. To celebrate this occassion, Cliff and I went to our bank and officially opened up a college fund for him. Don't get me wrong, Cliff and I have been blessed with a wonderful education but these student loans just plain stink!! Before we had kids we promised each other that our children would never have to go through that same sort of stress. So, Happy Birthday Aidan. Just don't go to Harvard ok!!


Kat said...

Laura Beth,

He is just beautiful! Congrats! You look so great!

Kat Shaft (Wighs)

Cynthia said...

He is adorable.... I know his grandparents are tickled.... uh, blue. LOL.

C ~ aka one of Debbie's "little friends"

Ryla said...

What great pictures!! He is getting so big, but how much fun!!

Lindsey said...

I just wanna cuddle him!!!